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Discovering eye-catching, original designs is just part of the story.  I want your shirt to be as comfortable as it is colourful, and as hard-wearing as it is handsome.

Indeed, my shirts are hand-made by craftsmen and women using good old-fashioned sewing machines.  This allows for an attention to detail that'd be unlikely in an automated process.

For instance, whenever possible, we try to ensure that comfort, fit and movement is never compromised: the french side seams mean there is no roughness inside the garment; the shirt tails are 2.5cm longer than standard so you can wear your shirt inside your trousers - and know it will stay there; even the labels have been wire cut, folded and stitched, which makes for a smooth transition between the label and shirt fabric preventing any discomfort to the skin

For softness of feel but strength of structure, the collars are inter-lined and high-quality interfacing has been carefully applied at six stitches for every cm.  (The collar is also reinforced by removable Irvine Shirts branded collar bones).

The angular cuffs are 7cm deep with double buttons so you can turn the cuff up if you wish whilst still keeping the fastening secure.  For added elegance, they also have a chamfered corner.

I could go on (and on, believe me!) but for now all you really need to know is that an Irvine Shirt is tailored expertly and generously to give you many years of quiet pleasure.

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