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My name is Alisdair Irvine and I love floral shirts. Maybe I was conceived in Kew Gardens, I dunno, but I’ve been hooked for years.

If you were to ask me why, I’d respond with this question: Has anyone ever said to you: ‘that’s a lovely white shirt’? Probably not. But you’ll get admiring glances when you wear a floral.

I’d also tell you I’ve never been a follower of fashion, but I like to dress with distinction. If you feel the same way, then my floral shirts allow you to create your own signature style.

You don’t need to be a show-off. Far from it. Just someone who takes pride in their appearance.

You can wear your shirt to enliven a suit, cheer up your chinos or bring panache to a pair of jeans. You can opt for a subtle floral flourish or a design in full fabulous bloom. Just take a look through my collection - then be your own stylist.

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You won’t see my floral designs anywhere else in the world

I want to offer you something unique. So my search for the most brilliant new designs has taken me from New York to Sydney (via Macclesfield!) I’ve also travelled back in time for classics from the early 20th century.

No matter their origins, I have one criterion for judging the designs: they have to be so fascinatingly beautiful I just have to own them.

In fact, in most cases, I have bought the designs outright so I can work with my printer to accentuate an intricate detail or enrich an already lustrous back-ground colour. I've also collaborated with two of my most innovative designers to create new motifs for you to choose from.

All of which means, that when you wear my shirts you know that they’re an Irvine exclusive. If my name’s in the label, you won’t see that shirt for sale anywhere else.


The collection

What you'll find here are the kind of intricate, striking designs that are simply not available anywhere else in the world. For example, take a look at Passion Flower or Bold Carnations. Strong statements of stylistic intent, aren’t they?

Then again, how about Wild Flowers or Leaf? While they are a little quieter, they still speak volumes about your character and taste.

Hand tailored

Eye-catching, original design is just part of the story. Your shirt has to be as comfortable as it is colourful and as hard wearing as it is handsome.

So, you can rest assured your shirt has been handcrafted using good old fashioned sewing machines. This allows for an attention to detail that’d be unlikely in any automated process.

Ethically made

I’ve found the perfect partner in Keren Pybus - she's the CEO of Ethical Apparel Africa and she specialises in establishing ethically run factories in emerging markets.

This is exactly what I was looking for: an expert who can provide not only superlative quality products but also guarantee that those who create my shirts are getting good wages and the highest standards of working conditions, training and educational opportunities.

Like a good floral shirt, that kind of thing makes your heart sing, doesn’t it?

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