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Welcome to my new store. It's the only one you'll find that's dedicated to floral shirts.  

I love floral shirts.  I don't know why, but I've been hooked on them for years.

If you were to ask me, I'd just say: "Has anyone ever said to you 'that's a lovely white shirt?'".  I doubt it.  But you'll get admiring glances when you wear a floral.  

I'd also tell you I've never been a follower of fashion, but I like to dress with distinction.  If you feel the same way, too, then my floral shirts allow you to create your own signature style.

You don’t need to be a show off.  Far from it.  Just someone who takes some pride in their appearance.

Again, if that's you, then please take a look at what I have in store.  You'll see no plain whites, blues or pinks.  No stripes, two tones or checks.  Just shirts for individuals who aren't averse to a splash of characterful colour - and the odd compliment or two.

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